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has become china to send the third nation into space a man

The supermarket is next to it.超市在它的旁边 It is next to the supermarket. 它在超市旁 这两个句子都对

81:How tall the building is! 82:These wonderful photo show her翻译:这些精彩的照片给她看(有道翻译) 83:Is that new car he?翻译:是新车吗?(有道翻译) 84:He is used to getting live abroad.翻译:他习惯于住在国外(有道翻译) 85...

1There is a beautiful world under the water.

原题 the truth out there is 连词成句 The truth is out there. 意思 真相就在那里。

We'll have an English party next Tuesday.我们将要在下周二举行一个英语派对

1:country,what,this,is What is this country? 这是哪个国家? 2:are,ready,quiz,a,for,you Are you readly for a quiz? 你准备好考试了吗? 【英语牛人团】倾情奉献,可追问,满意请记得采纳哦,谢谢啦!

1 It is to the north of Zhengzhou. 2 Beijing is the capital of China. 3 Where is the zoo? 4 The bust station is to the east . 5 People in China speak Chinese. 6 She is going to go to London. 7 Lucy's brother is painting flowers...

1. Can I help you? 我能为你做些什么? 2. When are you going?你什么时候去? 3. What are you going to do tomorrow?你明天打算做什么? 4. I’m going to visit grandparents. 我要去看望祖父母。 5. It is next to the hospital. 它紧邻医院...

Her mother cooks a meal.


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