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你好! contestants contestant 英 [kənˈtestənt] 美 [kənˈtɛstənt, ˈkɑnˌtɛstənt] . n. 竞争者,竞赛者; 争论者; (对选举结果) 有异议者; [网络] 竞争者; 选手; 参赛者; [例句]SIMON...

contestants n. 竞争者,参赛者( contestant的名词复数 ) 竞争者; 选手; 参赛者 1 Many of the18 contestants were looking a little shy. 那18位竞争者大多数看上去有点害羞。 2 Next week, the Yaffe brothers will vie as one of five contes...

一个是数组、一个是指向数组的指针 。。。。。。。。。。。

Confidence makes me braver I watched the "English Star Competition" on CCTV-10 these days . The contestants were all very excellent and their ...


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