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decompression 英[ˌdi:kəmˈpreʃn]美[ˌdikəmˈprɛʃən] 泄压; 减压,解压; 失压; 除压

请你看这道关于万有引力的题: If the distance between two masses is increased by a factor of 5, the gravitational force of attraction between them will a. increase by a factor of 5 b. remain Same c. reduce by a factor of 25 d. r...

形容词: slow (in thought or action)或obtuse 名词: dullness 如: be slow in reacting; react slowly 反应迟钝 slow of understanding

降价: 1. price reduction 其它相关解释: 例句与用法: 1. 我们调查证实过了。恐怕我将不得不取消这笔生意,除非您降价。 That has been confirmed by our survey. I'm afraid I'll have to cancel the deal unless you reduce your price. 2. 您...

reduce[英][riˈdju:s] [美][rɪˈdus, -ˈdjus] vt.换算; 约束; 使变为; 使变弱; vi.减少; 减轻体重; [生物学](细胞)减数分裂; (液体)浓缩变稠;


Smoking is not allowed at work time by our company. Finally, lots of employees have to give up smoking or reduce smoking frequency.

He struggled to control his temper. 他努力控制住自己的脾气 I hope to expand our exchanges and cooperation . 我希望扩大我们彼此的交流与合作。 One lesson therefore is to avoid unbalancing the marine environment . 因此一个教训是,...

为了减少库存,意大利产的葡萄酒开始降价;而他们的红酒标价销售,并且事实上这个策略的确让销量上升了。 they do 应该是they do reduce their inventories表示前面的整句


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